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In addition to these topics below, another 700 older Q&As on health insurance and related issues, indexed by topic, are included in the "AskTony" column archives here.


Am I required to provide my social security number to obtain health insurance?
Asthma affects eligibility for some short term medical insurance


Beechstreet PPO network doctors
Beneficiary of health insurance


Can a small business employer make a HSA contribution to one employee?
Can COBRA be extended beyond 18 months
Cancelling insurance coverage
Cancer patient loses COBRA coverage
Celtic Insurance rate increase
Celtic Saver Health Savings Account in Florida
Celtic Insurance uses PHCS physician network
Celticare of Massachusetts not supported by OnlineAdviser
Certificate of Creditable Coverage procedures
Child-only health insurance
Cigna PPO network with Celtic Insurance
COBRA after medical termination of employment
COBRA extension of benefits
COBRA extension option
COBRA with state extension
Core Health Insurance comparison
Core Health Insurance legitimate
Core Health Physician Plan has no deductible
Contact information for COBRA plan


Dental discount plans vs. dental insurance
Dental coverage combined with medical insurance
Dental insurance for an undocumented immigrant
Dental insurance without a social security number
Dental coverage in another state
Diabetic in Delaware
Disability insurance is more important than major medical insurance
Does Core Health plan cover prescriptions?
Does Markel Insurance cover infertility treatment?


Ehealth is not an OnlineAdviser site
Enrollment fee for Core Health Insurance
Explanation of Celtic's low rate



Gap insurance
Group or individual insurance for a small business
Grown out of the Gerber Grow Up plan


HCC term medical insurance
Health insurance for a diabetic
Health insurance for a staffing agency
Health insurance options if employer goes out of business
Health insurance prior to Medicare
Health insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions
Health insurance without a social security number
Health Reimbursement Arrangement for small church
Health Savings Account for 2010
Health insurance for undocumented immigrant
Health insurance with high blood pressure?
High risk pre-existing condition in PA
What is a HIX navigator?
How much is the penalty for not having health insurance?
How to access the heath insurance exchange without a computer


Importance of well-drafted employee health plan documents
Independent agent contracting for Core Health Insurance
International student insurance options
ITIN used to get health insurance
Immediate medical insurance required




Life insurance for an insulin dependent diabetic
Living with cancer - financial planning
Low cost health insurance in New Hampshire


Misinformed about my health insurance


New York individual health insurance options
No low cost health insurance options available to University of Pennsylvania students in 2011-2012
No physical exam required


Online vs. paper enrollment
Oregon health insurance exchange questions
Out-of-pocket expense risk for international health insurance
Overweight insurance options


Pays cash benefits fast when you are sick or hurt
Pre-existing condition law in Texas
Pre-existing prescription drug coverage



Realtors Core Health Insurance alternatives in Kansas
Refund for short term medical insurance 
Refund of COBRA premium?
Requirement to provide a social security number with a health insurance application
Risk of purchasing health insurance without professional advice


Save money with a 6 month policy
Save money with Cigna PPO doctors and hospitals
Short term medical insurance in New York
Small group insurance subsidies on the exchange
Student graduation does not affect commercial health insurance
Student health insurance requirements
Supplemental accident insurance recommendations
Supplemental health insurance starts immediately
Supplemental accident insurance for residents of New York
Supplemental insurance for diabetic in California


Temporary health insurance in New York
Texas health plans fall short of consumer expectations
Tips on handling medical record requests
Trouble cancelling insurance coverage


Understanding a health plan that includes discounts and insurance
UMass student health insurance
Unemployment health insurance in New York
University of Pennsylvania health plan waiver
University of Pennsylvania student health insurance


Verification of insurance for college waiver


What is a HIX navigator?
What to do if I can't get PA Fair Care
Why is Celtic Insurance so cheap?





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