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low cost health insurance

Highlights of AHS dental insurance

Two plans available, each with four classes of dental benefits.
low single $100 lifetime deductible
Choice of $750 or $1,250 maximum per person
No waiting period for Preventative Care
Includes up to $1000 orthodontic coverage
See "Plan Information" online

American Health Shield dental insurance logoAmerican Health Shield dental insurance

American Health Shield is going out of business on June 1, 1013. We invite you to choose an alternate plan from our most popular  individual dental insurance plan listings.


low cost health insurance
Who is eligible?
This plan is offered to all individuals ages 18 through 64-1/2, their spouses, and their eligible dependents
This plan is available in all states except CO, MT, ND, NE, NV, NY, VT, HI, AK, and WA.
low cost health insurance
About the Insurance Company
The American Health Shield  dental insurance plan is underwritten by Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of America and serviced by Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, Inc.

Alternative coverage suggested starting April 2013

American Health Shield is no longer issuing new coverage and will soon end its entire insurance program. We suggest that you consider Secure Dental One as an attractive alternative.

Secure Dental OneHere’s something to smile about:
quality dental insurance at an affordable price
What makes Secure DentalOne the ideal
dental product for individuals and families?

• $100 lifetime deductible
• Three plan options with no waiting periods
for preventive or diagnostic care
• Available to those under and over age 65
Easy to buy
• Quick, easy, online enrollment
• Monthly payment options by credit card or
bank draft

Secure Dental One is underwritten by Standard Security
Life Insurance Company of New York, a member of The
IHC Group, and available to members of Communicating
for America, Inc., the group policyholder.

Product Review and News (American Health Shield)

American Health Shield is going out of business on June 1, 1013. We invite you to choose an alternate plan from our most popular individual dental insurance plan listings.

The American Health Shield products are one of the most trusted brands for individual insurance. Co-ordinated Benefit Plans Inc. has been one of Freedom Benefits most reliable partners for more than two decades.

American Health Shield Voluntary Dental Insurance is an affordable plan of comprehensive dental benefits for individuals and their family members. AHS offers three plan options that include preventative, basic, major and orthodontic benefits.


  • Choose from three plan options with coverage ranging from 50% to 100%
  • Freedom to choose any dentist
  • Easy, online application
  • Membership is available to U.S. Residents, subject to state availability
  • Convenient, automatic, monthly payments by credit card or bank draft
  • American Health Shield Voluntary Dental is provided through membership in the American Travel Services Trust


The details of coverage for each of the three plans are listed separately on these PDF forms:

 Benefits, Exclusions and Limitations for Plan A and Plan B
Benefits, Exclusions and Limitations for PPO Plan


To submit a claim, mail completed claim forms to: RLHICA Renaissance P.O. Box 17250 Indianapolis, IN 46217

More information

See the article "American Health Shield Frequently Asked Questions" for more information.

If you wish to submit comments to be incorporated into the review, please e-mail us. We appreciate your feedback.


Strong customer support. No waiting period for diagnostic and preventative services.


As with all individual dental insurance plans, there is a waiting period before maximum benefits are available. The waiting period is 6 months for basic services, 12 months for major services and 24 months for orthodontic services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Plan A, Plan B and the PPO Plan?

Plans A and B are traditional indemnity options which give you freedom of choice in providers and reimbursement is based upon usual and customary charges. Maximum yearly benefit is $1,250. The PPO Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization, which provides richer benefits for “in-network” based upon contracted, negotiated fees. Should you choose to go “out-of-network”, the benefits are reduced and reimbursement is based upon usual and customary charges. Maximum yearly benefit is $2,000.

How do I look up a preferred dental provider in my area?

Preferred dental providers can be found by searching here:

Who is eligible for this coverage?

This plan is offered to individuals and their spouse age 18 or older, and their unmarried dependent children (from birth to age 19 or 25 if a full-time student -subject to state requirements). All persons listed on the Application for Coverage must reside at the same home address.

When does my coverage start?

Your insurance coverage will begin on the 1st of the month (at 12:00 am), following receipt of the completed Application for Coverage form and payment of the first month plan cost.

What are my payment options?

You can pay in monthly installments by credit card (MasterCard or VISA) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank.

Can I enroll my dependents?

Yes, your legal spouse, your dependent unmarried children to the end of the calendar year in which they turn 19, or your unmarried children who have not reached their 25th birthday, are allowed to enroll if the child is (1) dependent upon you for support and (2) living in your household.

How do I file a claim?

Download a Claim Form, complete it and mail to: Renaissance Dental = Payor RLHA1 P. O. Box 17250 Indianapolis, IN 46217 Or, you may call our Customer Service department at Co-ordinated Benefit Plans at 866-753-1002 to request a claim form during daily business hours, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST Monday-Friday.

How can I check the status of my claim?

You may call Renaissance Dental Customer Service at 888-358-9484. (Please be sure to have your membership ID# available at the time of the call.)

Am I covered for all dental services?

You are covered only for the services provided under the Plan option you selected. Please refer to your Summary of Dental Plan Benefits for a complete description of the dental services provided by this Plan. Please read them carefully. For a complete listing of Exclusions and Limitations, refer to your Certificate of Coverage or master Policy.

Are these dental plans available in every state?

No, these plans of dental insurance are NOT currently available to residents of the following states: *PLAN A: Please Note: *THIS PLAN IS NOT AVAILABLE IF YOU RESIDE IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: AK, CO, HI, MT, NE, NV, NY, ND, VT, WA *PLAN B: Please Note: *THIS PLAN IS NOT AVAILABLE IF YOU RESIDE IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: AK, CO, HI, MT, NE, NV, NY, ND, VT, WA *PLAN PPO: Please Note: *THIS PLAN IS NOT AVAILABLE IF YOU RESIDE IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: GA, KY, NY, TX Please Note! The PPO Plan is not available in the following counties: Massachusetts - Dukes County, Nantucket County; Pennsylvania - Adams County, Bradford County, Cameron County, Forest County, Fulton County, Montour County, Potter County, Sullivan County, Warren County, and Wyoming County.

What is the benefit year maximum?

The benefit year maximum is the maximum amount payable for all Covered Dental Charges in any benefit year as shown in the Coverage Schedule. The Benefit Year Maximum will apply to each insured person.

Is there any kind of waiting period?

Yes, all Certificate Holders (and their Dependents, if covered above) will be eligible for coverage for Class II Benefits 6 months following the effective date of the Certificate Holder or Dependent. All Certificate Holders (and their dependents, if covered above) will be eligible for coverage for Class III Benefits 12 months following the effective date of the Certificate Holder or Dependent. All Dependents under age 19 (if covered above) will be eligible for coverage for Class IV Benefits 24 months following the date the dependent enrolled.

Is a benefit year based on a calendar year?

No, the benefit Year is based on a 12-month period beginning with the covered person’s effective date.

Do these plans cover orthodontic services?

Yes, the plans cover orthodontic services for dependent children to the age of 19. The 24-month waiting period applies.

May I choose any dentist?

Yes, you are free to choose any Dentist, as long as the Dentist is licensed to practice dentistry in the state or country in which you receive care.

Will RLHICA send payment to the Dentist, or will I receive payment?

RLHICA will either send payment to you or directly to the dentist if you have assigned benefit payments to the dentist who rendered the covered services.

What if I decide to cancel my policy?

The primary insured may cancel his or her coverage with written notice received 31 days prior to the next billing cycle. Any and all future payments will be discontinued. We will not refund any portion of payments collected before receipt of cancellation.

What are the plan's benefits, exclusions and limitations?

Click Here to read Benefits, Exclusions and Limitations for Plan A and Plan B.

Click Here to read Benefits, Exclusions and Limitations for PPO Plan.

Forms in PDF format for download

Dental Claim Form

All available forms can be found by following the quote and enrollment link above.


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