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"Telemedicine will transform the delivery of routine diagnosis and care"
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CallMD telemedicine service

CallMD - affordable telemedicine on demand 24/7enroll online now

by Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT,  revised 8/9/2012

This short article summarizes the features and benefits of CallMD, an increasingly popular benefit added to health insurance plans to provide easy access to low cost routine medical care.

What is CallMD telemedicine?

CallMD provides a nationwide network of medical doctors available for consultation. Members have access to doctors for routine medical needs without have to take time to make an appointment and wait in line at their doctor’s office. Service is available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. Doctors may write a prescription for a non-narcotic or non controlled medications at any time day or night.

Some of the most common health conditions treated by CallMD Doctors are fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, diabetes, weight control, ear ache, bronchitis and allergies.

Plan enhancements

The following enhancements are available to individuals who enroll through Freedom Benefits:

As of March 2012, members enrolling through Freedom Benefit receive unlimited CallMD doctor consultations and pay no enrollment fee.

As of August 2012, members enrolling through Freedom Benefits now receive unlimited OnlineNavigator professional advisor consultations.

How CallMD works

Members’ electronic medical records (EMR) are stored in a highly secured, internet accessible environment and makes this information available to our network doctors prior to a doctor consultation.  

The service is available in all states except Virginia and Washington. Registered nurses serve as the primary call center representatives who speak with members regarding their medical needs and arrange consultations with a doctor when necessary.

Although CallMD is available without insurance we suggest that it is a better value when combined with supplemental insurance. The best value is available when this benefit is added to a group health insurance policy.

Three ways to enroll

1) For Individuals: in combination with insurance - In combination with other popular insurance options like "24 Hour Accident Coverage" supplemental insurance and "ValueMed", a mini-med plan.

2) For Individuals: without insurance
- The CallMD stand-alone benefit at $19.95 per month. Sign-up online here.

3) For Businesses with an employee health benefit plan
- CallMD could also be built into a small business flexible benefit plan at significant savings (less than $50 per employee per year on an entire group basis vs. $240 for individuals). See for details on our services for small business flexible benefit plans.

Association benefits

CallMD is not insurance. t is an association benefit offered through VBA. The VBA membership agreement is reproduced below:

1. Member understands that VBA is not an insurance company or program. 


2. VBA provides savings to its members on services through a number of sources. The current list of benefits may be modified through additions or deletions. A quarterly newsletter, posted on our website or sent via e-mail, will keep Members up to date on benefits and other pertinent information. 


3. Payments for the VBA Program are due in advance. Payments will be drafted on or about 15 days before the due date. If you choose to cancel your program, it is your responsibility to make sure that your membership card and a written request for cancellation are sent to VBA at least 15 days prior to the anniversary of your effective date in order for your account not to be charged for additional fees. 


4. Member hereby appoints, Value Benefits of America Association (VBA) President, or failing this person, a VBA Director, as proxy holder for and on behalf of the member with the power of substitution to attend, act and vote for and on behalf of the member in respect of all matters that may properly come before the meeting of the members of VBA and at every adjournment thereof, to the same extent and with the same powers as if the undersigned member were present at the said meeting, or any adjournment thereof. Annual meetings are to be held in Arizona the second Tuesday of August. 


5. VBA reserves the right to terminate any enrollment or deny eligibility in the program for lack of payment to VBA. Returned checks, insufficient notices on bank drafts or denial by the member's credit card company for payment of the membership fee is deemed to be evidence of non-payment by a member. There will be a $10.00 charge to be reinstated in the program after such denial. If reinstatement for non-payment happens more than once, a $20.00 reinstatement will apply. 


6. In the event of any dispute, member agrees to resolve said dispute solely by binding arbitration that shall be governed by the laws of the state of Arizona and enforceable at Scottsdale, Maricopa County. 


7. Membership cancelled within the first 30 days of the enrollment date may be eligible for refund if the membership card and written cancellation request are sent to VBA. The administrative fee is not refundable. Approved refunds will be processed approximately 30 days after cancellation. 


8. Membership is effective on the 1st of the month following enrollment acceptance by VBA. 


Member Agreement: By signing your enrollment form, Member expresses desire to become a member of Value Benefits of America. Member acknowledges that the discount plans ARE NOT INSURANCE, but membership includes certain limited supplemental insured coverage's. Membership benefits are not a replacement for health insurance coverage nor are they intended as a substitute for health insurance coverage. Membership fees may change for all members, but not individually, with notification. 

Discount Benefits Are Not Insurance.

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