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low cost health insurance


  • No health questions and no underwriting
  • Indemnity benefits are paid regardless of any other health insurance
  • Maximum dollar benefit depends on the plan selected: 1500, 2500 and 5000 plan choices
  • Doctor office visit benefit
  • Surgery benefit
  • Stated maximum dollar benefits for First-day Hospital/ICU admission
  • Stated maximum dollar benefit for each additional day spent in the Hospital/ICU (up to 5 days)
  • Emergency Room Visit
  • Ambulance Transport (by ground or air)

Qualified Health Plan Supplement Insurance is designed to help offset the out-of-pocket costs associated with high deductible major medical insurance plans. By opting for a high deductible major medical plan paired with Qualified Health Plan Supplement Insurance, you can dramatically reduce you monthly insurance premium. These plans are unique because they pay the insured individual the cash benefit.

This policy includes coverage for doctor visits. A similar lower cost supplemental coverage that excludes doctor visits is Deductible Supplement Insurance..

Three levels of coverage are available: QHP 1500, QHP 2500 and QHP 5000. The only difference between the three coverage options is the maximum dollar benefit that is provided. See the benefits chart to see a listing the maxumim dollar benefits available.

There is a 30 day waiting period for sickness. A 12-month Pre-Existing Condition Limitations applies to Hospital Confinement, ICU/CCU, Surgery and Anesthesia Benefits. Maternity is not covered. Prescription drugs are not covered.
low cost health insurance
Who is eligible?
Individuals under age 65 living in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Core health insurance is temporarily unavailable in Michigan and North Dakota.

US citizenship is not required. Medical qualification is not required.
low cost health insurance
AAbout the Insurance Company
Qualified Health Plan Supplement Insurance is
underwritten by
United States Fire Insurance Company, rated "A" (Excellent) by AM Best (2013 Edition) and administered by SAS Insurance Services Inc.

QHP Supplement Insurance


12/12/2014 The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds that a shocking 43 million people - more than half of the U.S. adults - have overdue medical debt pulling down credit scores on their consumer credit reports. and covered the story in more detail. With insurance policy deductibles and out-of-pocket costs expected to continue to rise for the next few years, it is more important than ever to consider options like supplemental insurance and Health Savings Accounts. Employers can help pay for deductible supplement insurance without any of the restrictions placed on HRAs, HSAs or regular major medical insurance. We suggest this is the best way for a small business employer to provide tax-free help with medical costs for its employees. Individuals need to be aware that medical expenses are the largest and most unpredictable factor that can impact personal financial security.

WSJ say deductibles ar on the rise


12/9/2014 The complete plan brochure is available for download in PDF format from the quote page. Click the "Product details" link.

Product Review

Plan Benefits

QHP 2500 Plan Benefits QHP 2500 Plan Pays
Hospital Room & Board and General Nursing Services (in lieu of ICU/CCU)**
   Daily Benefit:
   Day 1: $1,000 per day per Covered Person
   Days 2-5: $500 per day per Covered Person
Intensive and Cardiac Care Unit (in lieu of Hospital Room & Board)**
   Daily Benefit:
   Days 2-5: $500 per day per Covered Person
Maximum Benefit for ALL Hospital and ICU/CCU Confinements: 5 days per Policy Year
   Daily Inpatient Benefit: $2,000 per day per Covered Person
   Daily Outpatient Benefit: $1,000 per day per Covered Person
   Maximum Benefit for ALL Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery days: 1 day per Policy Year
   Daily Inpatient Benefit: $400 per day per Covered Person
   Daily Outpatient Benefit: $200 per day per Covered Person
   Maximum Benefit for ALL Inpatient & Outpatient Anesthesia days: 1 day per Policy Year
Doctor's Office:
   Daily Benefit: $35 per day per Covered Person
   Maximum Benefit: 10 days per Policy Year
Diagnostic Tests, X-Rays, and Laboratory
   Daily Benefit: $50 per day per Covered Person
   Maximum Benefit: 3 days per Policy Year
Emergency Room
   Daily Benefit: $300 per day per Covered Person
   Maximum Benefit: 1 day per Policy Year
   Daily Ground and Air Benefit: $250 per day per Covered Person
   Maximum Benefit for ALL Ground or Air Ambulance: 1 day per Policy Year
**The Pre-existing Conditions limitation is applicable only for Hospital Room & Board and General Nursing Services, Intensive and Cardiac Care Unit, Surgery and Anesthesia related to Surgery.

There is a 30 day waiting period for sickness. A 12-month Pre-Existing Condition Limitations applies to Hospital Confinement, ICU/CCU, Surgery and Anesthesia Benefits. Maternity is not covered.

United States Fire Insurance Company Plan Limitations and Exclusions Applicable To All Benefits

Benefits will not be paid for charges or loss caused by, or resulting from, any of the following:

  1. Suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted Injury;
  2. Any drug, narcotic, gas or fumes, or chemical substance voluntarily taken, administered, absorbed or
    inhaled unless prescribed by, and taken according to the directions of, a Doctor (accidental ingestion of a
    poisonous substance is not excluded.);
  3. Commission, or attempt to commit, a felony;
  4. Participation in a riot or insurrection;
  5. Driving under the influence of a controlled substance, unless administered on the advice of a Doctor;
  6. Driving while Intoxicated. "Intoxicated" will have the meaning determined by the laws in the jurisdiction
    of the geographical area where the loss occurs.
  7. Declared or undeclared war or act of war;
  8. Nuclear reaction or the release of nuclear energy. However, this exclusion will not apply if the loss is
    sustained within 180-days of the initial incident and:
    1. The loss was caused by fire, heat, explosion or other physical trauma which was a result of the
      release of nuclear energy; and
    2. The Covered Person was within a 25-mile radius of the site of the release either:
      1. At the time of the release; or
      2. Within 24-hours of the start of the release; or
      3. Occurs while he is in the issue state of this Certificate;
  9. Routine health checkups or immunizations for Covered Person aged 6 and older; expenses for allergies,
    allergy serum or allergy testing, unless specifically provided for in this Certificate;
  10. Surgery to correct vision or hearing; eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids, braces, appliances, or
    examinations or prescriptions therefore;
  11. Dental care, x-rays, or treatment other than Injury to sound, natural teeth and gums resulting from an
    accidental Injury and rendered within 6-months of the Injury;
  12. Spinal manipulations and manual manipulative treatment or therapy;
  13. Weight loss or modification and complications arising therefrom, including surgery and any other form of
    treatment for the purpose of weight loss or modification;
  14. Rest cures or custodial care, or treatment of sleep disorders;
  15. Treatment, services or supplies received outside of the U.S. except for acute Sickness or Injury sustained
    during the first 30-days of travel outside the U.S.;
  16. Normal pregnancy or childbirth, except for Complications of Pregnancy;
  17. Any drug, treatment, or procedure that either promotes or prevents conception or childbirth regardless of
    what the drug, treatment, or procedure was originally prescribed or intended for;
  18. Blood or Blood plasma, except for charges by a Hospital for the processing or administration of blood;
  19. Treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders involving the installation of crowns, pontics, bridges
    or abutments, or the installation, maintenance or removal of orthodontic or occlusal appliances or
    equilibration therapy;
  20. Cosmetic surgery. This Exclusion does not apply to reconstructive surgery:
    1. On an injured part of the body following trauma, infection or other disease of the involved part;
    2. Of a congenital disease or anomaly of a covered dependent newborn or adopted infant; or
    3. On a non-diseased breast to restore and achieve symmetry between two breasts following a covered
  21. The repair or replacement of existing artificial limbs, orthopedic braces, or orthotic devices; dentures,
    partial dentures, braces or fixed or removable bridges;
  22. Treatment or removal of warts, moles, boils, skin blemishes or birthmarks, bunions, acne, corns, calluses,
    the cutting and trimming of toenails, care for flat feet, fallen arches or chronic foot strain;
  23. Personal items such as television, telephone, lotions, shampoos, extra beds, meals for guests, take home
    items, or other items for comfort and convenience;
  24. Treatment of Mental or Nervous Disorders, or alcohol or substance abuse, unless specifically provided for
    under this Certificate;
  25. Prescription medicines, unless specifically provided for under this Certificate;
  26. Any Injury that is caused by flight or travel in, or upon:
    1. An aircraft or other, craft designed for navigation above or beyond the earth's atmosphere except as
      a fare-paying passenger;
    2. An ultra light, hang-gliding, parachuting or bungi-cord jumping;
    3. A snowmobile;
    4. Any two or three wheeled motor vehicle;
    5. Any off-road motorized vehicle not requiring licensing as a motor vehicle;
    6. Any watercraft or other craft designed for water use above or beneath the water, except as a farepaying
  27. Any accidental Injury where the Covered Person is the operator of a motor vehicle and does not possess a
    current and valid motor vehicle operator's license;
  28. Services, treatment or loss:
    1. Rendered in any Veterans Administration or Federal Hospital, except if there is a legal obligation to
    2. Payable by any automobile insurance policy without regard to fault. (Does not apply in any state
      where prohibited);
    3. Which a Covered Person would not have to pay if he did not have insurance;
    4. Provided by a Doctor, Nurse or any other person who is employed or retained by a Covered Person
      or who is a member of a Covered Person’s Immediate Family;
    5. Covered by state or federal worker's compensation, employers liability, occupational disease law, or
      similar laws;
    6. Injury or Sickness sustained while on active duty in the armed forces of any country. This does not
      include Reserve or National Guard duty for training. Upon receipt of proof of service, we will refund,
      any unearned premium paid on a pro rata basis;
  29. Hemorrhoids, tonsils, adenoids, middle ear disorders, any disease or disorder of the reproductive organs
    unless the loss is incurred at least 6-months after the Covered Person becomes insured under this
  30. Elective treatment or surgery and treatment, procedures, products or services that are experimental or
    investigative. “Experimental or Investigative” means a drug, device or medical treatment or
    procedure that:
    1. Cannot lawfully be marketed without approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration and
      approval for marketing has not been given at the time of being furnished;
    2. Has Reliable Evidence indicating it is the subject of ongoing clinical trials or is under study to
      determine its maximum tolerated dose, toxicity, safety, efficacy, or its efficacy as compared with the
      standard means of treatments or diagnosis; or
    3. Has Reliable Evidence indicating that the consensus of opinion among experts is that further studies
      or clinical trials are necessary to determine its maximum tolerated dose, toxicity, efficacy, or its
      efficacy as compared with the standard means of treatment or diagnosis.
      “Reliable Evidence” means (i) published reports and articles in authoritative medical and
      scientific literature; (ii) the written protocol(s) of the treating facility or the protocols of another facility
      studying substantially the same drug, device, medical treatment or procedure; or (iii) the written
      informed consent used by the treating facility or by another facility studying substantially the same
      drug, device, or medical treatment or procedure.

Terms and conditions may vary by state.

Underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, rated "A" (Excellent) by AM Best (2013 Edition). This is a brief description of coverage provided under group policy number AHC-27330, and is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy. Please see the policy and certificate for details. Coverage may vary or may not be available in all states. Fixed Indemnity Insurance is NOT Major Medical or Health Insurance and is NOT intended as substitute for, or replacement of, Major Medical or Health Insurance. Fixed Indemnity is NOT PPACA compliant and is not creditable coverage. Must be 18 to enroll. Coverage is not provided to members age 65 or over, coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which the member attains age 65. Member can be enrolled only once. Duplicate or multiple memberships including Fixed Indemnity Insurance underwritten by USFIC company is not allowed. Plan changes to coverage underwritten by USFIC can only be made if the change is the result of a qualifying life event. A qualifying life event means marriage, divorce, the death of your spouse, or the birth or adoption of a child. If coverage underwritten by USFIC is cancelled, persons may not re-enroll in coverage with USFIC until 6 months after their termination date.

The Insurance Premium is the premium rate charged for the insurance coverage underwritten by USFIC and offered through your membership in this association. The Insurance Premium for the following memberships are: 5000 Plan: Single = $93.77, Single/Spouse: $195.34, Single/Child(ren) = $175.81, Family: $269.58. 2500 Plan: Single = $65.84, Single/Spouse: $137.16, Single/Child(ren) = $123.44, Family: $189.28. 1500 Plan: Single = $37.88, Single/Spouse: $78.91, Single/Child(ren) = $71.02, Family: $108.90.


An easy way to control the sudden financial risks of hospital expenses left uncovered by high deductible health insurance.


Does not cover doctor's visits and costs outside the hospital except as stated. For similar coverage that includes doctor visits, see QHP Supplement Insurance.

There is no direct correlation between covered claims under this policy and out-of-pocket expenses under a major medical insurance policy.

Because of the growth in popularity of this plan, customer service response time has dropped to 1-2 business days. The administrator expects to launch online service that will allow self-service access to many common customer service functions in real time.

Forms in PDF format for download

A new brochure is available for download for policies with an issue date of January 1, 2015 or later.

All other available forms can be found by following the quote and enrollment link above.

A sample generic policy certificate is also available. Specific policy provisions may vary according to state law and coverage might be changed in the future to be different from this published sample certificate. See your own issued policy for accurate certificate details.

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