2021 Update on health insurance requirement for immigrants

In October 2019 President Trump suspended the entry of immigrants who did not have health insurance. The President’s proclamation restricts entry of immigrant visa applicants who cannot demonstrate that they either will acquire qualifying healthcare coverage within 30 days of entry or have the ability to pay for reasonably foreseeable healthcare expenses. Groups sued and overturned the ruling. On December 31

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, 2020 an appeals court ruled in favor of the president. Opposing groups now say they are relying on President Biden to quickly overturn the rule.

Other than the immigrants affected by this rule

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, U.S. residents are not required to have health insurance and about 1 in 7 do not have health coverage.

Freedom Benefits has always been a leading resource in providing assistance with affordable health insurance for immigrants. Whether this is a legal requirement or not

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, we can help get coverage issued even before entry to the U.S.