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" offers insurance rates comparisons and enrollment"

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Tips for using the Web site

The health insurance plans offered on may vary from the plans offered on state insurance exchanges due to the different standards and requirements of these two systems.

When comparing the same insurance plan, rates will not vary from the rates offered on state or commercial insurance exchanges.

Create a password protected account at to save information that you entered online.

Plans and rates offered now do not meet the standards required for major medical insurance for 2014.

Many plans offered for 2013 require medical underwriting so not everyone qualifies.

Consumers can access the service without an adviser, navigator or agent.

If you do want help from an adviser, navigator or agent, then the Web site requires you to authorize this service.

If you want OnlineNavigator help, we require an additional authorization. A sample authorization is available here. (It is not necessary to print or send the form because a similar authorization will be requested in email form).

Expect some changes as the state insurance exchanges begin full operation. We do not yet know the details about how and when will interact with other state and commercial insurance exchange systems.

Using for individual or small business health insurance   

Online rates and secure enrollment in all 50 states is the federal government's official online hub for information and tools to help navigate the new Health Insurance Marketplace where consumers and small businesses can find coverage. Individual consumers and small businesses that do not want to use a state insurance exchange or a commercial insurance service can go directly the federal government Web site to find available plans, rates and secure online enrollment.

The site can be accessed universally by consumers, small business owners, accountants, insurance advisers, navigators, brokers and agents. The site is operated by the United States Department of Health and Human Resources.

Users of site should be aware that the terms of use authorize their selected health plan(s), healthcare providers and their applicable business associates to disclose the following Private Health Information (often abbreviated as “PHI” on the Web site) including enrollment, claims, payment and managed care information to the following person for the purpose of assisting in my quest to obtain eligibility information, approval of application, and/or third party payment assistance for health insurance and related services. Unless you indicate otherwise, the user authorization includes the release of the following:
• Diagnosis and/or treatment for alcoholism and/or drug abuse or dependency
• Diagnosis and/or treatment regarding mental health issues
• HIV antibody test results and/or diagnosis and treatment
• Genetic test results and/or related treatment uses the same technology as many private and state insurance exchanges but the exchanges are not related. For example, an application started on cannot be completed on a state exchange or a commercial exchange like Members Insurance Exchange. Likewise, an insurance offered on a commercial exchange might not be available through the federal or state exchange.

Because of the differences between insurance exchanges, we advise consumers to check multiple sources or ask a health insurance adviser which exchange offers the most attractive options for the specific situation.


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