How to find a medical care provider under Core Health Insurance

Click here to access the  national provider search tool

This is a generic provider search tool. If you were provided a provider search link by your health plan administrator

, use that instead.

President Trump signing
President Trump authorizes new health plan options

Following the October 2018 enactment of new federal health insurance rules liberalizing the use of lower cost limited benefit health insurance – policies with with less structure than Obamacare are growing in popularity. A host of new plans are being developed or re-introduced to the market where permitted under state law. One of the most popular plans is Core Health Insurance. Details of coverage are listed on the actual quote and enrollment web page but an introduction is included in another blog post.

Core Health Insurance plans provide limited defined coverage for treatment provided under and hospital or doctor in the United States. However

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, the policyholder can save time and money by using an in-network provider.

The participating provider network is Multiplan, a large national organization used by about seven different health insurance companies.

Participating providers can be found based on a search by name, location, specialty, or facility type.

The network’s web site administrator works hard to ensure that data on medical care providers is accurate but provider information changes frequently. Also, finding a provider on this site is not a guarantee of benefits coverage.

Before you receive care, you should contact the provider to verify new patient status, location and network participation.

It also makes sense to verify your health plan benefits and read the coverage description and limits before receiving care.

Personal policyholder assistance is available by telephone or online through OnlineNavigator.

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