New York health insurance tips


New York insurance law and regulation

The New York Department of Insurance Web site contains consumer help sections for each type of insurance including a section on financially assisted health plans and Medicaid.  The Web site has not yet developed resources to help individuals find commercial low cost health plans like mini-med or core coverage, specific illness policies, Supplemental Accident Insurance and basic health insurance.

The state insurance department can be reached by telephone at (212) 480-6400 or by mail at 25 Beaver Street New York, NY 10004. The state children’s health insurance plan (CHIP) Web site is NYstateofhealth.

News that affects your health insurance and planning

1/20/2019 This week the New York legislature will likely pass the Reproductive Health Act that protect a woman’s right to choose abortion and expands the availability of the procedure. Since other states are passing laws to restrict abortion rights, New York is expected to become a more common provider of the procedure for  women across the nation.

The history of health care planning in New York (Information is outdated and links may be expired)

New York state law does not allow short term medical insurance. The low cost defined benefit insurance options used elsewhere are also not available within New York. Although some states allow residents to purchase health insurance that is legally available in other states, New York does not permit this option while you are physically within New York state.

The only solution, it appears, is to purchase insurance while temporarily residing outside of the state. Insurance legally issued while you are at another temporary address is legally valid within New York state and you may use it for New York doctors and hospitals. A temporary address may be a vacation residence, school, relatives, etc. where you need insurance and it is offered. There is no requirement that it be a permanent address or your legal address. If you return to an address in New York it is possible to notify the short term insurance carrier for administrative purposes (if you pay by mail) but this does not affect the rates or validity of the already in-force policy.